Rix 3ft Unfilled Heavy Punch Bag Kick Boxing Chain MMA Canvas Punching Bag

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Authentic Rix® punch bag is high quality boxing punching bag, made of quality Canvas with heavy duty metal chain with swivel and has zip closure system for easy filling in and out. With its anti-tear Advanced Fightek™ design, Rix® Pro hanging bag can be used for powerful punching and it would help you toughen your hands, develop power, maintain core stability and improve your coordination and boxing technique.

  • Authentic Rix® Pro punch bag
  • Advanced Fightek™ anti-tear design
  • Made of strong and durable Canvas fibre
  • Heavy duty 4 leg metal chain with swivel
  • Secure zip fastening system


Length: 90 cm
Diameter: 35 cm

Comes UNFILLED and can be easily filled with sand, or natural or synthetic fibers

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