Rix Ankle Twin D-Ring Strap Multi Gym Cable Attachment Leg Thigh Pulley Lifting

  • £4.45
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Rix® ankle strap is a high quality cable attachment strap for ankle, made of durable neoprene, lined with shock absorbent padding and features adjustable Velcro closing for secure and snug fit. This Rix® multi gym ankle strap can be attached to a low pulley and used for inner and outer thigh exercises and glute kickbacks.

  • Authentic Rix® ankle strap
  • Advanced Fitek™ twin d-ring design
  • Shock absorbent padding
  • Width: 4 inches
  • Length: 12 inches
  • Velcro fastening system
  • One size fits all

Sold as a SINGLE strap

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