Rix Elite Kick Boxing Head Guard Full Face Saver Grill Helmet MMA Protector Gear

  • £16.95
  • Save £3

Rix® Elite head guard is a high quality boxing head gear, made of quality synthetic leather, padded with gel lined moulded foam with extra padded eardrum guards and feature padded top air cushion for breathability and extra protection from random roundhouse or axe kick slipping through the defence, detachable toughened plastic grill to save face fully and hook and loop Velcro closing on the rare for nice seure and snug fit. Rix® Elite protector helmet is lightweight yet shock absorbent and guards your face, head, ears and cheeks against cuts, scrapes and swelling whilst training and sparring for boxing, martial arts, including MMA and kickboxing.

  • Authentic Rix® Elite boxing headguard
  • Advanced Fightek™ duplex design
  • Made of fine synthetic maya leather
  • Removable plastic face grill
  • Gel lined moulded foam padding
  • Extra padded eardrum guards
  • Padded top air cushion
  • Removable plastic face grill
  • Hook and loop Velcro fastening system
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