Rix Fingerless Half Finger Padded Leather Gloves Cycling Bike Weight Lifting Gym

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Rix® fingerless gloves are high quality unisex gloves, suitable for both men and women, made of quality genuine leather, padded for better grip and feature air vent holes for comfort and Velcro closing for secure and snug fit. These Rix® half finger gloves are all round gloves and can be used in and for variety of activities and sports, including cycling, bicycle, bike, motorcycle, driving, weightlifting, body building, weights training, gym workouts and outdoor activities.

  • Authentic Rix® fingerless gloves
  • Advanced Fitek™ half finger design
  • Made of 100% real leather
  • Velcro fastening system
  • Air vent holes
  • Padded palms
  • Lightweight and durable

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