Rix Womens Neoprene Weight Lifting Belt Back Support Ladies Gym Training Fitness

  • £8.45
  • Save £3.50

Rix® women's weightlifting neoprene belt is high quality weight lifting belt for the ladies, made from neoprene, ergonomically designed and features 5" wide back and hook and loop Velcro closure system for secure and snug fit. It provides support to your lower lumbar portion of the spine, protects you during training in the gym, and help yous get in and maintain your shape.

  • Authentic Rix® ladies' weight lifting neoprene belt
  • Adavnced Fitek™ contoured design
  • 5 inches wide back support
  • Neoprene construction
  • Hook and loop Velcro closure system
  • Lightweight and durable
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